What is an “Essential Business”?

To most of us an “essential business” is the one that puts food on our tables, and a roof over our heads. The CoronaVirus is, no doubt, a serious health threat. But governments around the world have initiated the threat of violence via lockdown to deny these most basic human rights to millions of people.

The Hidden Price is Much Higher

These people are now suffering due to their inability to work and provide for their families. They face homelessness, loss of health care due to inability to pay insurance premiums, depression, suicide, and now domestic violence is on the rise. Many are now forced to look to the government for a bailout – the very ones who have exacerbated this crisis by shuttering the economy. But, as many will find out, nothing is free and we will pay the price with ravaging inflation in the coming years – and the day will come when that turns into hyperinflation. Countless more lives will be destroyed. Henry Hazlitt referred to these hidden costs of government policies as “that which is not seen” in his essential book Economics in One Lesson.

Return to Civilization

We live in a dangerous world – that is the nature of life. If you don’t want to risk getting sick you are welcomed to stay at home and remove yourself from circulation. But don’t use the barrel of a gun to keep others from working and providing for their families. If you feel others should stay at home, use persuasion not violence. It is the only civilized thing to do.


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