What is a Name?

What is a Name? Are you your name? No! You are a living, breathing, flesh and blood human being. A name is simply a label that someone has attached to you which you impulsively and unthinkingly respond to.

Another way of looking at a name is this: when someone “calls out” your name or sends you a letter, it is simply an offer to communicate. You have the power to accept or reject this offer.

In contract language this is known as “offer and acceptance”. In order for there to be a valid contract (among other things), the acceptance must be given of one’s own, free will and consent. If someone offers to communicate with you, you have the right to ignore them and reject their offer. (Read that last sentence again.)

Since you are not your name, you can choose to respond to whatever “name” you want. For example, your spouse calls you “Honey”, your kids call you “Dad” or “Mom”, and your dog calls you “Woof”. These are all names that you have chosen to respond to (and ignore) at one time or another. Since you can choose to respond to whatever names you wish, you can also choose whatever names you wish.

Writers use “pen names” and actors use “stage names” – why not come up with some alternate names of your own? As a creative, privacy-minded individual – I’m sure you can think of numerous situations and relationships where you may want to use an alternate name. Just adopt your new names and start using them. With the exception of situations where you need a “government issued ID”, you can use your alternate names almost everywhere. What is most important to understand is that you can choose to accept or reject any offer to communicate!

By A. Nawnimus