Robert Kiyosaki is right…

Cash is trash. The dollar is doomed to hyperinflation. The stimulus bailout with create another tsunami of increased money supply (inflation). Expect prices to begin rising within a year or so after the short term dip in general prices caused by people dumping assets to put food on their table.

I recommend having a percentage of your investment portfolio in scarce assets like bitcoin, gold & silver. I would be wary of what used to be called “income producing real estate” (traditionally an inflation hedge) because property rights have been stripped from the American people in many States. Many States have rent controls and places like California have made it virtually impossible to evict tenants for non-payment of rent. When you can’t collect rent and still have all the operating expenses you no longer have an asset. You have a liability.

Another great investment opportunity is companies that operate online selling digital products and services – many will do well in a social-distancing world where they are not as easy to tax or regulate.


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