Religious Freedom

Exercise Your Freedom of Religion

Now you can easily exercise your freedom of religion, help your local community and come under the protection of the 1st Amendment to The United States Constitution.

One problem with most well-intentioned social assistance programs is that there is so much inefficiency and waste that very little makes it to those who need it when they need it. And it is often distributed in such a way that it creates perverse incentives that create the opposite results of the original intent.

Through the establishment of your own tax-exempt church you can exercise your freedom of religion and directly help your community.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Establish your own church. A “church” is not a building – it is an association of 2 or more individuals who have come together to practice a religious belief.

Step 2: You can donate up to 50% of your Adjusted Gross Income to the church and get a full tax deduction. Your members can do the same.

Step 3: As the Minister of the church you can now distribute those funds to the needy individuals in your community.

Church Investments

The church can passively invest in businesses (LLC’s) and own assets that you manage on behalf of the church. The church’s portion of profits is tax-exempt. Churches can own 100% of a business making 100% of the profits tax-exempt.

Tax-Free Housing Allowance

As a Minister, the church can pay you a tax-free housing allowance.


Through the establishment of a church, individuals can exercise their freedom of religion and come under the protection of the 1st Amendment to the United States Constitution and better serve the members of their community. Set up your church today:

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